Step 1:
Check out the Am I Eligible section and if you meet the requirements contact your primary care practitioner and ask them to refer you to the program by calling (518) 881-1091 option 2. Our fax number is (518) 881-0796.

Step 2:
Our team sets up your initial appointment

Step 3:
You meet with a member of our team to see if the program makes sense for you from a medical perspective

Step 4:
You and your practitioner will decide if medicine is appropriate along with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes

Step 5:
You will be scheduled to see a member of our team to review necessary lifestyle modifications

Step 6:
You will have routine in-office appointments with the care team to make sure you are doing well and feeling good and to track weight loss!

Contact Us

If your Community Care Physicians’ provider referred you to our program, or if you are interested in more information, contact us: (518) 881-1091 option 2.